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The World’s Tallest Ganesh Idol in Thailand

The festival of Ganeshotsav is celebrated with great pomp all over India. If we ask you where is the tallest statue of Lord Ganesha, then probably your answer will be India and can take the name of the state of Maharashtra in India. But the tallest statue in the world is not in India but in Khlong Khuen city of Thailand.


You will be shocked to know the specialty of the tallest Ganesh idol in the world, the tallest statue of Lord Shri Ganesh. The most special thing about this idol is that this idol was prepared in the year 2012 and this idol is in Khlong Khwain, Thailand, a Ganesh International Park has been built in the city, in which a 39 meter high bronze statue has been installed.

Some special things about the Ganesh statue in thailand bangkok,

Tallest Ganesh statue in the world

Bappa’s idol is installed in Thailand

This statue was made of bronze

Do you know that the world’s tallest Ganesh Idol is not in India?

Ganesh Chaturthi 2022 – Talking about the world’s tallest idol Ganesh Idol, you all would think that such an idol will be in India and that too in Maharashtra, which is the biggest center of Ganapati worship.

 But when you are told that that ganesh statue is not in India, then you will not be able to guess in which country it can be. Which country can be better than Nepal or Cambodia, which has so much reverence on Ganesha that it can build the tallest idol in the world.

 This idol is not centuries-old but was completed in 2012 itself. This statue is made in Khlong Khwang city of Thailand. A Ganesh International Park has been built here, in which this 39-meter high bronze statue has been installed.

 If you look at this idol carefully, a lotus flower has been made on his head and ‘Om’ has been made in the middle of it. This idol has been made by mixing 854 different parts of bronze. It took 4 years from 2008 to 2012 to build the entire park including this statue.

  tallest Ganesh idol

In Thailand, the 4 fruits are kept in holy works, all those fruits are kept in the hands of Ganesh Ji, one of which is jackfruit, second mango, third sugarcane, and fourth banana. Mango is considered to be the symbol fruit of this region which is also a symbol of prosperity. A snake is wrapped around his stomach, a laddu is in his trunk and a mouse is sitting at his feet. 


 The bracelet on the hands and the ornament on the feet is a sign of wisdom, in Thailand Ganesha is recognized as the god of wisdom and intelligence. Chachoengsao is known as Thailand’s “City of Ganesha”, with three huge Ganesha idols of Hindu-Buddhist deities installed in three different temples. The tallest standing Ganesh idol in Thailand is 39 meters. Located in “Khlong Khuan Ganesh International Park”.


 The production of many films or television series does not begin without a Hindu ceremony. Before doing any auspicious work, the prayer of Lord Ganesha is definitely done. Ganesh temples can be seen all over Thailand. Apart from this world famous Ganesh idol, other ancient Ganesh idols can be seen all over Thailand.

Who built the world’s tallest Ganesh statue?

Now you would be interested to know who got it built? Under the Ayutthaya Empire, a city named Chachoengsao was established in 1549, where there is an organization named Chachoengsao Association, which is always committed to fulfilling many types of religious and social work.

Chachoengsao Association president Pol Jen Samchai Vanisheni had decided that he would build the world’s tallest Ganesh Idol, and the search for the site began. This 40,000 square meter site was searched in Khlong Khuean. The soil here is very fertile, and due to being a completely agricultural area, this place was also chosen for the installation of the idol of God.

 At this place, first, an International Ganesh Park was built here, then the world’s largest Ganesh idol was installed in it. The Chachoengshao Association has also built a central museum here, which was built to preserve local history. Hindu civilization flourished and flourished in this area for centuries. In the last few years, this area around the Bank Paekong River in central Thailand has emerged as the biggest tourist spot. 


Actually, those people wanted an international idol of God there and in such a situation, there was an agreement on the name of Ganeshji. This idol of Ganesha is a sample of the excellent workmanship of the eminent sculptor Pitaka Charlemalao. Regarding this idol, the association claims that it is the world’s tallest Ganesh idol and so far no one has challenged their claim.


In which city of Thailand is the world’s tallest Ganesha statue located?

The world’s tallest Ganesh Idol is located in the city of Khlong Khuen, Thailand. This city is also known as Chachoengsao and City of Ganesha. Asia’s largest Ganesh idol made of bronze metal is about 40 meters high. This famous Ganesh idol has been built in an International Park. Every year, apart from millions of Indian tourists, lakhs of tourists go to see this rare statue.

When was Asia’s biggest Ganesh statue completed?

Between 2008 and 2012, the famous tallest Ganesh idol was ready, but seeing the idol, people consider it to be centuries old.


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