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5 Most Beautiful & Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India

Visit the top 5 most beautiful and romantic honeymoon destinations in India, After the wedding, new couples plan their honeymoon and want to fulfill their dreams. Spend some quality time with your partner at a nice place. Going on a honeymoon after marriage is a special experience for new couples.

Some places in India can make your honeymoon experience special. Maldives and Bali may not be on the top list of your honeymoon, but visiting these offbeat places in India will be no less than a paradise. In such a situation, you must plan your honeymoon in these famous and beautiful places in India. India is one such country in the world where there is more than one tourist destination where lovers go to celebrate their honeymoon.

Whenever we think of honeymoon planning, most of the exotic places come to our minds. But those who have come from all over the world, ask them once, which place in the world did you find the most beautiful? So they will tell you that you have roamed the whole world, but there is no other beauty like India.

India is a country where you will get spectacular and heart-touching views. If you are looking for a beautiful place for your honeymoon in India, then you need not go anywhere else. We are going to tell you about the best places for a honeymoon in India.

1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Great place for honeymoon in India.

Beautiful beaches and beautiful environment can be remembered for your whole life. If you are fond of diving then you must visit this place. Enjoy swimming in the sea and make your honeymoon a memorable one.

One of the best places to go on a honeymoon in Andaman and Nicobar Island which is considered to be a very beautiful and romantic island. If you like seaside and water sports, then this place is perfect for you.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are not only known for their beaches, but many types of cuisines are also very famous here. Here you can roam from island to island with your partner, as well as enjoy water activities like scuba diving, boat ride, or snorkeling swimming, etc.

2. Honeymoon in Kerala – Make romantic moments special.


Kerala has always topped the list of Indian as well as foreign tourists for honeymoon. This state full of natural beauty attracts lakhs of new couples every year. Kerala is no less than a paradise for honeymoon couples.


There is so much for new couples to do in Kerala, and countless places to spend private moments. Backwaters, serene beaches filled with sand, greenery, fog-clad hills, and many more magical experiences like these are scattered in Kerala. There are many places in Kerala to make the romantic moments of honeymoon better.

The backwaters of Kerala will give a truly beautiful experience to new couples. A quick boat ride from Kochi, Chittoor, Kottaram is the main attraction here. At this place, you can capture your memories in the camera. You can enjoy the plunge pool with backwaters, cruise, local delicacies in the style of temple pond with your partner.


3. Goa Tour – Best Honeymoon Trip in India.

Goa India is one such tourist destination which is one of the best places for a honeymoon destinations in india. Goa ranks first in the list of honeymoon destinations for honeymoon couples. Traveling to Goa after marriage can give you a wonderful experience with your partner. Goa is one such honeymoon spot in India that is very famous for its attractive beaches, nightlife, seafood.

Goa is a very special place for couples who are fond of adventure support because tourists can enjoy adventure activities in many ways here. There are many famous places in Goa for honeymoon couples to spend romantic moments.

Sipping beer at Goa beach restaurants, or watching the sunset at a beachside resort, Goa has many famous and beautiful places where new couples can spend memorable moments. Goa is like a magnet for newlyweds, attracts new couples. This beautiful place Goa is known for its famous and beautiful beach.


4. Manali Himachal Pradesh – Famous place for Honeymoon.


Manali is considered to be one of the most wonderful places in Himachal Pradesh for a honeymoon. Surrounded by lush greenery, beautiful flower gardens, cloud-touching mountains between which cascading waterfalls, Manali is a wonderful and attractive honeymoon spot for newlyweds, full of natural beauty.

The newly married couple get lost in the beautiful plains of Manali after coming here and make their honeymoon journey very memorable. This romantic place is famous all over India for its lush green forests, rivers, beautiful valleys, and temples.

During the winter season (October to February) the whole area is covered with a white blanket of snow, which every new couple is eager to see. Manali is considered to be the most beautiful and famous hill station of India for a honeymoon. It is also called the heaven of the Earth.



Seeing the mountains here, the plains covered with green grass, the rivers coming out of the mountains, the many types of lakes, the mind becomes happy to see all these. The Beas river, which originates in the middle of Manali, is known for its amazing beauty and peace of mind. All this is the best place to start your new life.


5. Kashmir – Best Honeymoon Place in India.


Kashmir is one of the best places for a honeymoon in North India. Kashmir is called heaven on earth because its beauty makes tourists feel like being in heaven. There is such a place in Kashmir where most couples go for a honeymoon.

Kashmir has everything to make a perfect honeymoon. If you want to spend some peaceful moments with your girlfriend, then there can be no better place for you in the whole of India than Kashmir. Kashmir is one such place for a honeymoon in North India that will make you fall in love again and again and add to the excitement of your new marriage.

For the new couple, Kashmir is the perfect place for a honeymoon. Explore the snow-capped mountains, rows of wildflowers, and the magnificent Dal Lake with your beloved and understand why the beauty of Kashmir is second to none. Kashmir is arguably the most beautiful place in India.

Kashmir is famous for its beauty not only in India but all over the world. Kashmir is the top honeymoon destinations in India. You can spend some romantic moments with your partner on the banks of the snow-capped hills and lakes.



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