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Secrets of Khandoba temple, many surprising stories are prevalent.

Khandoba Temple Jejuri Pune, what to know before you go, there are many such ancient Hindu temples located in India, which have hidden some story or mystery in themselves. One such Hindu temple is located in a town called Jejuri, about 48 km from Pune, Maharashtra. This famous temple of Pune is known as Khandoba Temple. Located at an altitude of about 2,356 feet, this temple in Pune is one of the major pilgrimage centers in Maharashtra. To reach this temple, devotees and tourists have to climb at least two hundred steps.

The presiding deity in the temple is also known by other names like Lord Khandoba, Martand Bhairav, ​​and Malhari, who is a form of Lord Shiva. The idol of Khandoba installed in the temple is depicted as a warrior riding a horse to kill the demons with a large sword in his hand.

The Khandoba temple located in Jejuri is mainly divided into two parts, the first part is built as a mandapa and the second part is built in the form of a sanctum, in which the idol of Lord Khandoba is installed. This temple is built in Hemadpanthi style. A big tortoise made of brass in the temple looks very beautiful to see.

Many important weapons have been kept in the temple from a historical point of view, which are worshiped on the day of Dussehra. A lot of crowd gathers in this temple on the day of Dussehra and on this day there is also a competition to hold the heavy sword with the help of teeth for a long time, which is famous all over India.

According to the visiting devotees, visiting the Khandoba temple with all the rituals and worshiping removes all the difficulties, especially by removing the obstacles in the birth of a child and marriage. The beauty of this temple and the devotional feeling of the people is made on seeing this temple. Due to the height of the temple, while climbing, you have a wonderful view and amazing view of the entire Jejuri from the temple courtyard. Jejuri is very famous all over India mainly for its Deepmalas.

History of Khandoba Temple Jejuri Pune

According to the belief and Puranas, there were two demon brothers named Malla and Mani on earth and their tyranny had increased greatly on the earth. To end this tyranny, Lord Shiva took the incarnation of Martand Bhairav ​​and cut off Malla’s head and left it on the steps of the temple and Mani asked for a life donation from God and a boon to do good to mankind, due to which God gave him leave. The mention of this entire mythology is found in the Brahmanda Purana of Hindus. The rules of worship of Lord Khandoba are very strict, as Khandoba is considered a fiery deity.

Khandoba Temple – Images Source – Pixabay

The architecture of Khandoba Temple Jejuri Pune

The entire temple is mainly built of stone in the Hemadpanthi style. The temple is divided into two parts. The first part is the mandapa and the second part is the sanctum. Devotees gather in the mandap to offer prayers and worship the idol of Khandoba in the sanctum sanctorum.

Khandoba Temple Festival

A six-day fair is organized every year at the Khandoba temple to celebrate the victory over Malla and Mani. This festival is celebrated in the Hindu month of Margashirsha.

Khandoba temple Jejuri opening time,

06:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Best time to visit Khandoba Temple

The best time to visit the temple is in the month of November, as an annual fair is held during this time.

How to reach Khandoba Temple by Rail

The nearest railway station to Khandoba Temple is Jejuri Railway Station. The distance of the temple from this railway station is about 3. are kilometres.

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