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Top 9 Beautiful Scenic Lakes In Mumbai You Must Visit

9 Famous And Picturesque Lakes In Mumbai That Can Attract All Kinds Of Tourists! Sitting by the sea or by the lake completely refreshes many people. Mumbai is known for its beautiful and natural lakes.
These famous and beautiful lakes of Mumbai are a natural resource as well as a wonderful tourist attraction. Whenever you are on a Mumbai tour, do not forget to visit these pristine water lakes of Mumbai.

Located along the coastline in India, Mumbai is one of the most famous and attractive tourist destinations in India. You will be familiar with the alluring beauty, nature, beaches, and serene surroundings of Mumbai.But what do you know? This beautiful city of India is famous for its popular and beautiful lakes filled with natural beauty and beaches as well as some breathtaking beauty. These lakes play an important role in Mumbai tourism and are highly regarded as picnic spots by tourists and locals.

List of Lakes in Mumbai and Around Mumbai.

Most of these lakes in Mumbai are made for people to drink. Some of the freshwater lakes in Kerala like Vihar Lake, Powai Lake, and Tulsi Lake attract tourists from all over India and abroad.

Tulsi Lake – Famous lake of Mumbai

Tulsi Lake, a freshwater lake located on Salsette Island in North Mumbai, is a famous tourist place in Mumbai. This lake is the second largest lake in Mumbai. Tulsi Lake is home to crocodiles, some native birds, and migratory birds. Sanjay Gandhi National Park also known as Borivali National Park has Tulsi Lake within its periphery.

If you like to live in peace and away from urban life, then Tulsi Lake is the most ideal place.
To see the amazing beauty of nature, do visit this lake once. Potable Water This lake is a freshwater lake, the freshwater of this lake meets the water requirements of the southern part of Mumbai

Powai Lake – Mumbai’s most famous artificial lake

Powai Lake is a famous and popular tourist destination located in Mumbai city of Maharashtra state.
Powai Lake, located at a distance of 40 km from Mumbai, is one of the best tourist places in Mumbai.
Lake Powai is one of the 10 major lakes of the country. Powai Lake near the famous Mumbai IIT has water
from the Mithi River. Powai Lake is a man-made lake and an ideal picnic spot in Mumbai.

Powai Lake, a short distance from Hiranandani Gardens, is the perfect place for a weekly picnic.
The greenery and natural beauty around Powai Lake add to the beauty of Mumbai. To see this artificial
lake in its best form, one must visit during the monsoon.

Vihar Lake – Biggest lake of Mumbai

Lakes In Mumbai – Images Source Pexels

Vihar Lake is the largest freshwater lake located in Mumbai, and it supplies water to Mumbai.
Located in the heart of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Vihar Lake is one of the largest lakes in the city of Mumbai. Spread for about 45 km, Vihar Lake is home to crocodiles as well as local and migratory birds. Taking a walk with your partner on the banks of the man-made Vihar Lake is a different experience. Replete with dense forests and enjoy the surrounding views, evening trips to the lake are most ideal. This lake in Mumbai can be reached by bus, train, or auto-rickshaw.

Upvan Lake – Famous lake of Mumbai

Located in the Pokhran area of ​​the Thane district of Maharashtra, Upvan Lake is the most beautiful tourist destination. Upvan Lake is the most beautiful of all the lakes in Mumbai. A little away from Thane station,
Upvan Lake is famous for peace and silence.There is no better place to meditate and exercise in the open air. Mumbai’s most famous garden Borivali National Park is also known as Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a part of this famous lake. The chirping of birds and watching the sunrise near this lake in the morning is a different kind of fascinating.

Masunda Lake / Talao Pali – Famous Tourist Place in Mumbai.

Located near Thane, Masunda Lake is a famous tourist spot and a popular lake in the city. The main attraction of this lake is the 20 feet idol of Lord Hanuman, which is situated in the middle of the lake. Boating, water scooter, and paddle boat facilities are available on this lake.


You can have a darshan of Lord Hanuman’s statue through a water boat and capture his picture on your camera. Masunda Lake is highly popular among locals as well as tourists visiting Mumbai and is also a famous picnic spot.

Modak Sagar Lake

Modak Sagar Lake, one of the seven reservoirs that supply water to the city of Mumbai, is part of dam construction on the banks of the Vaitarna river in Mumbai. The lagoon of Modak Sagar Lake attracts visitors throughout the year. Crocodiles live in the shallow part of this famous lake of Mumbai. Shri NV Modak, also known as Nanasaheb Modak, constructed this lake in 1956.

Tansa Lake – Famous Lakes in Mumbai.

Tansa Lake is a major water supply lake of Mumbai. Spread over 52 square miles, the water of this lake is always calm and still. It takes a day’s time to visit and explore this famous lake located on the Poona Nashik route. This lake in Mumbai close to Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary is definitely the perfect place to enjoy an evening walk and see nature up close.

Upper Vaitarna Lake – Lakes near Mumbai

Vaitarna Lake is a famous tourist place located about 3 hours drive from Mumbai. It is a man-made lake.
Surrounded by waterfalls and lush greenery,this quaint lake is known to offer some amazing views. The mesmerizing Vaitarna Lake is a perfect place for a weekend getaway. One must visit
this lake to enjoy the natural beauty and spend some time by the lake.

Bhatsa Lake – List of Lakes Around Mumbai

Bhatsa Lake is a man-made beautiful lake located at a distance of 100 km from the city of Mumbai, this famous lake was constructed in 1981. The Bhatsa lake is visited by tourists in every month of the year, but visiting this lake during monsoon gives the best pleasure.

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