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Kamakhya Temple: 7 Things You Must See Before You Die.

Interesting facts and history about Kamakhya Devi Temple, Kamakhya Temple is a Hindu temple, also known as Kamarupa-Kamakhya Temple. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya and is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. The Kamakhya Temple situated on the Neelachal hills of Guwahati is of great religious importance. It is an important pilgrimage center for Hindus and especially for Tantric worshipers.

Kamakhya Temple is one of the most revered temples of Shakti in India. According to Hindu mythology and scriptures, the Kamakhya temple is one of the four important Shaktipeeths located in the country. The main gate of the Kamakhya temple is decorated with beautiful carvings, the temple has a huge dome.

Maa Kamakhya Temple is not only a famous pilgrimage site in Assam but also a unique and ancient Hindu Devi temple in the country. Kamakhya Temple is the most popular attraction of Guwahati and one of the most prominent Hindu temples in India.

The annual festival called Ambubachi Fair attracts a lot of devotees and tourists, it is a huge grand event. Kamakhya Temple The hill on which the temple is situated offers a spectacular view of the entire city.

Kamakhya Temple – Wiki

Kamakhya Temple History

Legend has it that after Goddess Sati’s yogic power caused her to leave her body, Lord Shiva began to wander around with her. Later, Lord Vishnu continued to sever her body with his Chakra. Finally, Bhagwati Sati’s vagina (womb), which fell in Nilachal hill, took on the form of a goddess, known as Goddess Kamakhya.

Mystery of Kamakhya Devi Temple

The neighbouring Brahmaputra river’s water turns crimson for three days each year during the Ambubachi festival. The reason the water has this colour is because Kamakhya Devi is menstruating. After three days, a large number of worshippers descends upon this temple to get darshan.

Let us inform you that the prasad that temple visitors receive is quite odd. In contrast to other Shaktipeeths, the Prasad in the Kamakhya Devi Temple is a red-colored wet cloth. According to legend, a white cloth is spread within the temple when a mother has her period for three days. When the temple doors are opened after three days, that cloth is stained red from the mother’s blood.

Yoni blood Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Devi, located in Guwahati, is also called the goddess of flowing blood as the womb and vagina of the goddess are kept and worshiped in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. In the month of June, blood flows from the vagina kept in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, people here believe that during this time the goddess is in her menstrual cycle and during this time the water of the Brahmaputra river located here turns completely red.

Inside Kamakhya Temple

This Shaktipeeth is about 7 kilometers from Assam’s capital, Dispur, and 10 kilometers from Nilanchal Mountain. The Kamakhya Temple is regarded as the most important of all the Shaktipeeths. In this temple, there are no images or idols of Maa Ambe or Goddess Durga.

In the Valki temple, there is a pool that is perpetually covered in flowers. This kund always has water gushing out of it. The goddess’s vagina is worshiped in this temple of wonders, and because the vagina is here, the mother also menstruates here.

Why is Kamakhya Temple famous?

The Kamakhya temple was built in reverence to the goddess Kamakhya, one of the many incarnations of Goddess Durga or Goddess Shakti. The temple is located a few kilometers from the Guwahati railway station and is open to visitors throughout the year.

What is the secret of Kamakhya temple?

The secret of the Kamakhya Devi temple is that during the three days of the mother’s menstruation, a white colored cloth is placed inside the temple, and the temple is kept closed for these three days, and when the temple opens after three days, it is kept inside. The white colored cloth becomes completely red. Due to the three days menstruation of Kamakhya Devi, the water of the river flowing next to it turns completely red.

Why is the Kamakhya Temple of Assam closed for 3 days?

The temple is kept closed during the fair for three days, on the fourth-day devotees are allowed to enter the temple and worship Goddess Kamakhya.

Is it safe to go to Kamakhya Temple Guwahati?

Yes, going to the Kamakhya temple is completely safe for everyone. The people here have great respect for men, women, and children, it is the most popular temple and the main attraction in Assam.

Best time to visit Kamakhya Temple?

Time of worship in Kamakhya Devi temple? Kamakhya Temple of Guwahati is crowded with devotees all the time, if you want to avoid the crowds, then make sure to take the afternoon to visit the temple, if your luck is with you then the temples are less crowded at this time.

How many steps are there in the Kamakhya?

To visit the Mother Kamakhya temple of Guwahati, one has to climb about 150 steps.

How many Shakti Peethas are in India?

Shaktipeeth is an important pilgrimage and pilgrimage site for Hindus, there are a total of 51 Shaktipeeths in India.

What is Guwahati famous for?

Guwahati city is a major tourist attraction. Guwahati is famous for its Kamakhya temple, especially among tourists and devotees, the most sacred of the Shakti Puja temples in the world.

How long does it take to visit Kamakhya Temple?

Kamakhya Temple is a Hindu religious place, the time required to visit the temple takes about 4-5 hours. Any tourist visiting Guwahati must-visit Kamakhya Temple.

Kamakhya temple timings

From 8 am to 1 pm and from 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm, the gate of Kamakhya Devi remains open for the devotees.

Yoni Kamakhya Temple

In this temple full of miracles, the goddess’s vagina is worshipped, and due to the vaginal part being here, the mother also menstruates here.

How to reach Kamakhya temple by air

The nearest airport is Guwahati, the temple is 17 to 20 km away.

How to reach Kamakhya temple by train

The nearest Indian railway station is Guwahati, the temple is 8 to 10 kilometers away.

Kamakhya temple entry fees?

VIP Darshan Pass for Rs. 501 / per person, time 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Senior citizens, Shishu Darshan and free Darshan admission are free time 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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