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Padmanabhapuram Palace, a beautiful tourist place in Kanyakumari.

Spread over 6 acres, Padmanabhapuram Palace is one of the most luxurious palaces in India located at a distance of about 15 km from Nagercoil and 55 km from Thiruvananthapuram. This famous palace of Kerala is a symbol of the rich and diverse cultural heritage of India. 

Padmanabhapuram Constructed in the 17th century by Iravipillai Eraavivarma Kulasekara Perumalane, this ancient and beautiful palace is entirely made of exquisite wood. This place is a famous tourist spot of Kerala, lakhs of tourists visit this place every year.

The rugged mountain ranges of the gorgeous Western Ghats are one of the most beautiful architectural wonders of India. The princely state of Travancore is situated right in the middle of the Padmanabhapuram fort with the Veli hills in the east and the palace is situated on the hills.

It was strategically placed keeping in mind the security offered by More than 400 years old, it is considered to be the largest wooden palace in the whole of Asia. Spread over an area of ​​about 6.5 acres, this magnificent complex has more than 15 buildings in each part, which boast intricate woodwork that highlights the exquisite skills of the artisans of the past. As one enters the palace from the main entrance of Mukhivathil, the beauty of the typical Kerala-style architecture permeates the very air.

Padmanabhapuram Palace – Images Source – Wiki

The original part of the palace called Thai Kottaram, built in the 16th century by King Iravi Varma, is undoubtedly the oldest structure here. The rest of the palace complex as we know it today was built over the years by various rulers as an extension of Thai Kottaram.

Poomukha Malika is a distinctive element and the traditional Kerala architecture is beautifully presented here. Another notable feature is the Ghantaghar or Mani Meda, it is said that in the olden days the bells of the clock were heard by people within a radius of three kilometers. The Mantra Shalath Audience Room where the kings held important meetings with the ministers still retains its royal charm and beauty.

The Upparikka Malika, a grand multi-story structure symbolizing wealth, royal power, and attainment of God, is perhaps the most revered structure in the complex. The ancient murals found here are considered invaluable and very sacred. Another attraction to be found here is Thespramanchakattil, a grand poster bed made by combining 64 wooden specimens believed to have medicinal properties.

The Ambari Mukhapu ornate bay window that opens to Theke Theruvu which is the main thoroughfare for religious processions, is an exquisitely carved window supported by massive Vayali figures and crowned with a conical roof.

Navratri Mandapam is where the beauty of Dravidian architecture in stone can be truly appreciated. The performance hall is defined by elaborately carved monolith pillars in the famous Vijayanagara fashion. Thekka Kottaram, Valiya Ottupura, Veppinmuttu Kottaram, Ayudhapura, Plamuttu Kottaram, Theketeruvu Malika, Homapura, Panthadikalam Malika and Indra Vilasam are other important structures that complete the palace complex.

Crafted in the simple architectural tradition using wood, the intricate carpentry work is the most notable aspect of the Padmanabhapuram. The elegantly carved gables, the pillars, and the ceilings of Pumukham and the Thai veedu all testify to the mastery achieved by the local artisans.

A symphony created by splendid craftsmen out of wood and stone, the Padmanabhapuram is an artwork in itself and it is no wonder that this monument of exquisite engineering has stood the test of time!

History of Padmanabhapuram

Padmanabhapuram Palace located in Kerala is one of the oldest palaces in India. This famous palace was built in 1550-1750 AD by Iravipillai Iraavivarma Kulasekhara Perumalan, according to historians.

Around 1750, Raja Marthanda Varma, the ruler of Travancore, dedicated his kingdom to Sri Padmanabha, a different form of Lord Vishnu, after which the palace became famous worldwide as Padmanabhapuram Palace.

Architecture of Padmanabhapuram Palace

The architecture of Padmanabhapuram Palace is very beautiful. The palace has ancient carvings, frescoes and beautiful sculptures on the walls of the terrace. The Chinese carvings on the royal chairs kept in the Padmanabhapuram Palace and the exquisite wooden artifacts like Mehndi are very beautiful to see. The roof of this famous palace is completely painted.

What is the entry fee of Padmanabhapuram Palace?

For Tourists: Rs 10 per person

For children: Rs.2

For Photography: The fee is Rs.25.

Padmanabhapuram Palace timings

Padmanabhapuram Palace is open for tourists from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Time required to see the entire Palace: Takes 1-2 hours.

Top Tourist Places to Visit Around Padmanabhapuram Palace

If you are going to visit Padmanabhapuram Palace, the main tourist place of Kanyakumari, Kerala with your family or friends, then there are some tourist places around Padmanabhapuram Palace which do not miss seeing.

Kanyakumari Beach

Thirparappu Water Falls

Kamarajar Manimandapam

Tiruchendur Temple

Olakaruvi Waterfall

tsunami monument

Thiruvalluvar Statue

Gandhi Memorial

Kumari Amman Temple

Subramaniam Temple

sunset point

Sothavilai Beach

Best time to visit Padmanabhapuram Palace

Padmanabhapuram Palace can be visited at any time of the year but the time between October to February is considered to be the best time to visit Padmanabhapuram Palace.

How to reach Padmanabhapuram Palace?

You can choose between Padmanabhapuram Palace Flight, Train, and Bus at your convenience.

How to reach Padmanabhapuram Palace by train?

The nearest railway station to Padmanabhapuram Palace is Nagercoil Railway, this railway station is connected by all major rail routes in India. From here one can easily go to Padmanabhapuram Palace with the help of local vehicles.

How to reach Padmanabhapuram Palace by flight

The nearest airport to Padmanabhapuram Palace is Trivandrum International Airport, about 62 km away.

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