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World’s Tallest Lord Shiva Statue 369 Feet High

World’s Tallest Lord Shiva Statue 369 Feet High, The name of Rajasthan of India is famous in the country and abroad due to its valor, sacrifice, devotion as well as spiritual and cultural heritage. Now another new name has been added to this chapter, yes, we are talking about the world’s tallest Shiva statue ‘Vishvas Swaroopam’ on the holy land of Shrinath ji in Rajsamand.

It will be held from 29 October to 6 November. This huge Shiva statue has been installed by Sant Kripa Sanatan Sansthan, his trustee Madan Paliwal told about the merits of this grand statue.

369 feet high Shiva statue is built on 51 bigha hill.

World’s Tallest Lord Shiva Statue 369 Feet High – I

This 369 feet high statue built on a hill of 51 bighas has been a part of the dream project. The world’s tallest Lord Shiva statue can be seen from about 20 km away. Due to the arrangement of special lighting, the grand form of this idol of Shiva is visible even at night.

A look at ‘Vishvas Swaroopam’ will be the only statue in the world

The world’s tallest Lord Shiva statue will be famous all over the world for its unique feature. Keeping in mind the convenience of the devotees in the 369 feet high Shiva statue, lift, stairs and hall have been built. Four lifts and three stairs have been built for the devotees to go inside the statue to the top.

How long did it take to build the 369 Tallest Lord Shiva statue?

It took about 10 years to build this world famous statue and about 3000 tonnes of steel and iron, 2.5 lakh cubic tonnes of concrete and sand have been used to make this huge statue.

Tallest Lord Shiva Statue – Images Source in Pixabay

What is taken care of in making the 369 feet high Shiva statue?

The construction of the Tallest Lord Shiva Statue has been made keeping in mind the stability of 250 years. The wind tunnel test of the design of this statue has been done in Australia, due to which even winds running at a speed of 250 km will not be able to affect the statue. To protect it from rain and sunlight, the Shiva statue is coated with zinc and given copper color.

What are the specialties of Shiva statue 369 feet high?

The specialty of the 369 feet high Shiva statue is that Lord Shiva is seated in meditation and in a relaxed posture.

The glory of Shiva’s praise will be seen on the statue.

This Tallest Lord Shiva Statue will be the center of great attraction for the tourists. Shiva Stuti will be broadcast on this statue using 3D use of light and sound. The world’s tallest Shiva statue 369 feet high has been taken care of according to the safety standards.

All fire prevention arrangements have been made. Water tanks have been made inside the statue and adequate availability of fire fighting equipment has been ensured. Golf cart facility is also provided for the tourists. Also the campus will be completely safe with adequate security personnel.

Who built the 369 feet high Shiva statue?

This huge Shiva statue has been built by ‘Tat Padam’ Sansthan. Many years ago, Madan Paliwal ji had prepared a dream project of a huge statue of Lord Shiva in the city of Shrinathji. This wonderful statue of Lord Shiva installed in the city of Shri Ji will attract people as well as establish a new dimension in the tourism of the country and Rajasthan.

The world’s Tallest Lord Shiva Statue is equipped with facilities like sports and entertainment.

At the statue site, full facilities and entertainment have been taken care of for the tourists. Bungee jumping has been constructed near the statue site, which will be the second largest bungee jumping after Rishikesh.

Tourists from all over the country and abroad will definitely come here to enjoy it. Foodcourt, game zone, zip line, go karting, adventure park, jungle cafe have also been constructed nearby where tourists can enjoy all these facilities throughout the day.

How to reach 369 feet high Shiva statue.

This Tallest Lord Shiva Statue is installed in Nathdwara, the city of Shrinathji. The distance of this Shiva statue is 15 km from Rajsamand district headquarter and 40 km from Udaipur district headquarter.

Tourists will also be able to go to this Shiva statue from Maharana Pratap International Airport located in Udaipur, the distance is about 40 to 45 km.

When will the inauguration festival of Shiva idol ‘Vishvas Swaroopam’ take place?

The inauguration of this grand festival has been organized from 29 October to 6 November, in these days there will be a lot of religious, spiritual, cultural events.

The 9-day long Ram Katha of Murari Bapu will add to this festival and millions of Shiva devotees from the country and the world will become its witnesses. Organized by Sant Kripa Sanatan Sansthan, the view of this festival will be like Mahakumbh.

There will be an influx of devotees on the holy land of Shrinath ji. A pandal of about 1.5 lakh square feet is being built, a pandal of food hall has been set up in about 2 lakh square feet. These pandals are being made with German technology. In which the audience will enjoy listening to the story and bringing food prasad.

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