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10 Most Beautiful Places In Kerala For Honeymoon

10 Most Beautiful Places In Kerala For Honeymoon, Kerala, is considered one of the best honeymoon spots, not only in India but also abroad. It is one of the most natural places in India.

This beautiful city has a lot to see and stroll in: backwaters, a huge cluster of coconut groves, refreshed hill stations, waterfalls, the Western Ghats, and the unique serene beaches of Kerala, which attract ancient and refreshed temple tourists. There is enough to do.

After reaching Kerala, see the beauty of Alleppey, Kovalam, Kumarakom, and Kollam, and you will really enjoy it. If you want to travel to the backwaters, then for that you have to take a houseboat; after that, you can enjoy it on a cruise.

You can also stay on the houseboat for a unique experience. Kovalam is famous in India for discovering Ayurvedic remedies. Kerala will truly make your honeymoon memorable, which will be like never forgetting.

If love and romance are to be expressed in one word, it should be “Kerala!” It is one of the most romantic destinations in all of India, boasting its enchanting beauty on the banks of the Arabian Sea.

Romancing the flowing waves of the Arabian Sea and starting life with lush greenery is a different kind of pleasure. The Indian state of Kerala makes honeymooning attractive; Kerala has a long list of honeymoon locations.

We have prepared for you a list of some of the most romantic places in Kerala, which can be of great help in getting to know Kerala.

List the top 10 honeymoon destinations in Kerala.

Kerala offers some of the best vacation and honeymoon destinations in India. This place is surrounded by very calm and clean greenery and soothing water. From beach excursions to houseboat excursions, there are a lot of accommodations and activities in Kerala for honeymoon couples.

Kerala is known as the “land of the gods” and is known all over the world for its exotic fauna and spices. Kerala is one of the ideal places in India for a honeymoon. The best time to visit Kerala can vary greatly depending on your needs as a couple. Perhaps it would be perfect to visit Kerala during the monsoons.

Munnar Hill Station: Best places in Kerala for honeymoon

Munnar is the ideal romantic vacation and honeymoon destination in India.Kerala is one of the most famous and best honeymoon destinations.

Munnar’s beautiful hill station is surrounded by rolling green hills. Rolling green tea plantations, hills, and mountains are some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Kerala.

A walk around fragrant tea plantations is a distinct pleasure. The tea gardens that are spread all around it add to its beauty. (Learn More)

Wayanad Hill Station is a famous place in Kerala for the perfect honeymoon.

Wayanad is another extremely popular honeymoon destination in Kerala. The natural environment near this place is incredible.

It is filled with lakes, waterfalls, and wildlife where you can spend a romantic and wonderful time with your life partner.

This amazing location provides the perfect view and climate to enjoy a great honeymoon. Where do love and happiness co-exist? Where do openness and romance make each other understand? Where do emotions and passion meet each other? And if you want to get these experiences, you should go to Wayanad.

Wayanad Hill Station is one of the most promising hill stations in Kerala. and is one of the honeymoon destinations. The heartwarming weather, the lofty peaks, the towering hills, the never-ending plantations, and the natural beauty that is present in this piece of paradise will surely bring your two souls even closer than you could even imagine. (Learn More)

Alleppey (Alappuzha) Tour: Best Honeymoon Destination in Kerala

Alleppey’s backwaters make it one of the top 10 honeymoon destinations in India. Alleppey is a very beautiful city in the South Indian state of Kerala.

The Lakeside Sea border is world-renowned for its wide network of interlinking, palm-fringing canals known as “backwaters.”

Alleppey is very popular among tourists for its houseboats, which pass through quiet backwaters where you can see the green paddy fields.

This journey is like your dream. Kerala is known for its backwaters, which cast a magical spell on those who visit.

You can spend a romantic evening with your partner on one of the many houseboats while taking in the breathtaking natural beauty.

Thekkady Tourism: A Beautiful Honeymoon Place in Kerala

Thekkady is one of the most beautiful honeymoon places in Kerala. A new couple looks for the most serene and beautiful places for their honeymoon, and Thekkady in Kerala is one of them.

The beautiful forests here are the most beautiful places for a romantic getaway. Thekkady is the perfect place for an exciting honeymoon destination for the new couple.

Bekal Beach, a Top Honeymoon Place in Kerala

Situated in the Kasaragod district of the state of Kerala, Bekal is a beautiful tourist destination as well as a honeymoon destination.

Bekal is quite famous for its natural beauty as well as its historical sites. Majestic forts, splendid beaches, beautiful parks, and temples make this place special.

Bekal should definitely be at the top of your honeymoon list if you want to celebrate your honeymoon in South India. This famous place in Kerala is also very much liked by foreign tourists.

Kumarakam Tour: The Best Place for Honeymoon in Kerala

Situated on the banks of the Vembanad Lake in Kerala, Kumarakom is one of the best honeymoon places in the state. Surrounded by attractive water bodies, this beautiful place is known as Lake City.

Attracting tourists from all over the world with its pristine and enchanting beauty, Kumarakom is the perfect place to enjoy a luxurious honeymoon and romantic time with your partner.

There are also many historical and cultural places of interest in Kumarakom. In fact, Kumarakom in Kerala is the ideal place to enjoy a wonderful honeymoon.

Kochi Tourism: The Perfect Place for Honeymoons in Kerala

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The city of Kochi is a beautiful and attractive tourist destination in Kerala. The city of Kochi is an ideal place for a honeymoon. Kochi is known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea.

Tourists, especially new couples, come in large numbers to visit this place every year. This vibrant city in Kerala has the perfect blend of beauty, serenity, and liveliness to make it a splendid honeymoon destination for newlyweds.

Kovalam Tour: A Top Tourist Spot in Kerala

Kovalam Beach, in the Indian state of Kerala, is a lovely sea honeymoon destination.Kovalam beach is an internationally recognised beach that is connected by three beaches.

During the summer, the beaches here are considered to be the best for relaxing. Kovalam Beach is a great place for honeymoon couples due to its scenic beauty.

The mesmerising surroundings of Kovalam make it one of the best honeymoon places in India. Kovalam Beach is known for being the best honeymoon place in India in May.

Marayoor Tourism: Kerala’s Best Honeymoon Destination

The beauty that Kerala’s Marayoor possesses cannot be described in words. This place in Kerala is the most preferred honeymoon tourist destination for the new couple.

The Marayoor city of Kerala, smelling of sandalwood, is the most ideal place for a honeymoon.

Poovar Tour—Honeymoon in Kerala

The city of Poovar in Kerala is counted among the top exotic honeymoon destinations. This place in Kerala is the best destination for honeymooning couples.

Located at a distance of about 25 km from the city, Poovar Island attracts a lot of honeymoon couples with its amazing beauty. With serene beaches, pleasant weather, lush green mountains, and sprawling greenery, the backwaters destinations here are the perfect honeymoon destinations.

Kerala’s top ten honeymoon destinations








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