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Top 10 Beautiful Beaches of Goa to visit with girlfriend.

Beaches of Goa to visit with girlfriend


10 Most Romantic beaches In Goa For Couples


Goa is considered to be a famous tourist destination of India, which is a dream of almost every couple to visit. You can spend romantic and quality time with your lover at the beach of Goa. If you want to spend romantic time with your girlfriend or boyfriend and enjoy the nightlife to the fullest then there is no better place than Goa for sure.


There are more than one beautiful beaches available in Goa for couples to visit, spend romantic time with their girlfriends, and enjoy the nightlife. From visiting the famous and beautiful beaches to enjoying the nightlife in Goa, there are many other attractions that you must visit with your partner once in your life.

So in this article, we know about the most beautiful and romantic beaches of Goa for couples to visit, which is no less than a paradise for couples.


1. Bogmalo Beach – Best Place for Honeymoon in Goa

Bogmalo Beach is a major beach in Goa for couples to visit. For tourists who want to enjoy private time, this beach is one of the perfect blends of serenity and professionalism. Bogmalo beach in Goa is known for its nightclub parties, seafood bars, and restaurants. 


New couples like this beach more, for lovers who want to immerse themselves in romance while spending a relaxing time in solitude with their partner, this beach is no less than a paradise. You can also enjoy water sports with your partner on this beach.


2. Kakolam Beach – Goa

Situated 31 km from the city of Margao, Kakolem Beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Goa. For the tourists who are looking for some relaxing time away from the crowds and chaos, it is no less than a paradise. 


This beach in Goa is perfect for those who love adventure. If you like some adventure then you must visit Kakolam Beach. This beach is also known as Tiger Beach. This beach is very beautiful, seeing its beauty, you will feel like coming here again and again.


3. Betul Beach Goa – The Most Beautiful Beach Of Goa.

Betul Beach is a very wide and striped beach that is quiet and peaceful. Betul Beach, located next to Mobor Beach, is the most favorite place for tourists. Surrounded by star buildings like ‘Leela’, ‘Taj’ and ‘Holiday, Betul Beach of Goa is famous for the best seafood. The water of Betul Beach is very clear and is the best beach for swimming. 


Betul Beach is the best time and place for a walk at dawn or sunset. Feel the mind and enjoy the sea breeze. Best a suitable and safe beach for family and friends. Betul Beach One of the best beaches in South Goa. It is a beautiful and good place for photography.



4. Butterfly Beach – Goa

Butterfly Beach is a beautiful beach in Goa. This beach is also known as Secret Beach. As soon as the name of Goa is revealed, the image of beautiful beaches emerges in front of the eyes. 


Lakhs of tourists come from far and wide every year to see the many beautiful beaches in Goa. But there is also a beach in Goa, which very few tourists know, and the name of that beach is Butterfly Beach. This beach is located in the Cancona region of Goa……read more



5. Velsao Beach Goa – This is a perfect Beach in Goa.

Located on the southern coast of Goa, Velsao beach is a serene and beautiful beach. Surrounded by dense coconut trees, this beach is known for its serene atmosphere. The beautiful long white sand stretching along the beach is the perfect place for relaxation, walking, and sunbathing. This beautiful beach offers a splendid view of sunrise and sunset, so it can be visited by tourists in the morning and evening hours. 


Goa’s famous Velsao beach is perhaps the most natural leisure time, Velsao beach is astonishingly gorgeous and one of the most stunning beaches in Goa. All kinds of water sports activities are available at this beach. It is a romantic place for honeymoon couples. 


7. Agonda Beach Goa – Best places to visit in Goa

Agonda Beach in Goa INDIA, If you are tired of your busy life, and are thinking of relaxing a few days and also want to spend a happy holiday in it with your partner, family and friends then Agonda of Goa state of India is the Best Place. Surrounded by sea sand and forest, Agonda beach is the place where people come to seek peace of mind and peace. Goa’s Agonda Beach is known for its beauty. Swimming on Agonda Beach and walking on the golden sand will feel like removing all your stress.



8. Sinquerim Beach Goa – Known for Water Sports & Nightlife.

Situated at a distance of about 14 km from Panaji, the capital of Goa, Sinquerim Beach is a wonderful beach. This beach is very quiet despite being in a crowded area and is one of the most favorite tourist places in Goa. Sinquerim Beach is visited by tourists from all over the country and abroad at all times, water sports can be enjoyed along with various activities to be done on this beautiful beach. 



9. Baga Beach in Goa – Holiday with family.

Goa’s beautiful and popular Baga Beach – 2021, what to know before going? Baga Beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in North Goa! Baga Beach is located close to Calangute Beach, which is about 30 kilometers from Panjim. When we talk about Beaches, of course, Baga Beach in North Goa is one of the very famous and busy Beaches. For those who like Beaches, this beach is great for water sports, parasailing, beachside, bars, clubs, and great dining……read more



10. Candolim Beach Goa – Best Beaches to Visit in Goa

Candolim beach is located in North Goa. It is a famous tourist destination in Goa. It is a less crowded and very quiet beach than other beaches of Goa. Candolim Beach, one of the longest beaches in the state of Goa, is located about 15 kilometers from Panjim, the capital of Goa. You get to see a lot of peace… more.

What are the best Goa beaches for couples to visit?

Here are some of the best Goa beaches for couples to visit where you can spend quality time with your lover. Bogmalo Beach, Kakolam Beach, Betul Beach Goa, Butterfly Beach, Velsao Beach Goa, Agonda Beach Goa, Sinquerim Beach Goa, Baga Beach in Goa, Candolim Beach Goa.


Which part of Goa is good for couples?

Goa has some beautiful beaches to visit with your girlfriend, there are some romantic beaches to visit in Goa where you can hang out with your partner.


Bogmalo Beach.

Kakolam Beach.

Betul Beach Goa.

Butterfly Beach.

Velsao Beach Goa.

Agonda Beach Goa.

Sinquerim Beach Goa. 

Baga Beach in Goa. 

Candolim Beach Goa.



Which beach is best for couples?

Goa has some famous romantic beaches for couples such as Bogmalo Beach, Kakolam Beach, Betul Beach Goa, Butterfly Beach, Velsao Beach Goa, Agonda Beach Goa, Sinquerim Beach Goa, Baga Beach in Goa, Candolim Beach Goa.



What can couples do in Goa Beaches?

The beautiful beaches of Goa are the most beautiful places to visit with your girlfriend. There is a lot to do with your partner on this famous beach, such as

Look at the dolphin.

Enjoy a private party at Butterfly Island.

Take a cruise ride on the Chapora River.

Take a walk with your boyfriend in Panjim’s Old Latin Quarter.

Visit Usgalimal Rock Engraving Site and enjoy it there.

Enjoy a cycling tour with your lover.

Participate in water sports in Goa


Can couples go to Goa?

There is no problem for couples to go to Goa, unmarried couples can enjoy the plaintiffs of Goa.

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