Top 10 Coldest Places In India That You Shouldn’t Miss to Visiting

10 coldest places in India which will let you witness the

Top 10 coldest places in India you must visit once in your life.

India is a country that is always hot. It is one of the biggest myths about the country. Indian territory is as diverse as its culture and its people. While it is true that the plains are generally warm and the coastal areas are quite moist, India is also home to some hilly regions where it can be colder than some of the most famous winter destinations.

No other place on earth has such diversity as India. These factors play an important role in India’s adaptability. The most surprising thing was that the entire period of time followed almost the same time zone but there are so many dramatic differences in temperature. These extreme conditions do not create chaotic situations but give a wonderful element. To experience such extreme extremes, here are the coolest places in India that are a must-visit at least once.

There are many places in India where the temperature decreases considerably. However, these places are at their natural best during winter and are well worth a visit. The white blanket of snow and cold weather make these places extremely romantic. They also serve as luxurious locations for a white holiday with snow and adventure all around. Here are the top 10 coldest places in India that you should visit at least once in your life with your family or friends. Know where is the coldest hill station in India? Read on to find out.

List the 10 coldest places in India you must experience

1. Dras – love everyone

Drass coldest place in India

The Dras valley is located at an elevation of about 10,800 feet (3,300 m). Dras city of India is the second coldest tourist place in the world. Situated in the Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir, Dras is very popular among tourists for its cool weather.

India’s coldest habitat, Dras is often referred to as the ‘Gateway to Ladakh’. Its unique natural beauty makes it an excellent holiday destination. Its picturesque environment and beautiful summer season are worth experiencing India’s most beautiful northern terrain, Dras is a beautiful and famous tourist center for its high altitude trekking routes and tourist destinations.

Dras pic, Dras will give you such cold that you have never experienced. The minimum temperature in Dras falls to about -40 ° C, which is higher than the brain-cold. Situated about 55 km from the city of Kargil, Dras is extremely stunning with a landscape.

Not many people would know about the existence of Dras city. India has the coldest habitat, and the city of Dras is the second coldest habitat on Earth after Oyemakon (a small village with a population of a few hundred in Russia).

2. Kargil tourism – Kargil tourist place

Kargil is a popular tourist destination located at an altitude of 2676 meters and just 11 km from the India-Pakistan border. Kargil is a popular tourist destination in the Himalayas for adventure activities such as mountaineering, altitude trekking, camping, river rafting, etc.

Kargil became very popular in 1999 during India’s war with Pakistan. Kargil cools down considerably during winter, with temperatures dropping to – 48 ° C. War memorials, the beautiful backdrop of mountains, and clear blue skies make Kargil worth visiting and must visit at least once in a lifetime. Kargil experiences a lot of snowfall during the winter season, which many tourists visit during this time.

3. Hemkund Sahib, Uttarakhand

Hemkund Sahib Yatra, Located at an elevation of 4,362 meters and one of the famous pilgrimage sites in India, Hemkund Sahib is very popular among tourists for its snow-capped lake and the surrounding snow-capped peaks. Hemkund Sahib is known for its beautiful environment and cold weather and trek. Hemkund Sahib is accessible during summer to get rid of summer.

Hemkund Sahib is the highest Gurdwara of Sikhs, Hemkund Sahib is a Sikh shrine located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. This pilgrimage place of Sikhs is dedicated to the tenth Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, a small temple of Lord Rama’s brother

Lakshmana is also situated on the banks of Hemkund Lake. Hemkunt Sahib is nestled among seven snow-capped peaks and amazing snow glaciers. A small stream known as Himganga originates from this huge lake.

Hemkund Sahib Trek – Hemkund sahib trek km

If you are on the way to Hemkund, the hemkund trek route is very interesting. The route starts from Haridwar to Joshimath. Ghangharia is the base camp to reach Hampund Sahib and the Valley of Flowers. During the journey from Govind Ghat to Ghangharia, you will have the river as your companion.

4. Leh Ladakh Tourism – Lover for Bikers.

Leh Ladakh Trip, Leh located in Jammu and Kashmir is known as a paradise for tourists and bikers. Even during summer, the temperature of the place remains up to 7 ° C. Leh Ladakh is the most wanted destination of India, why Leh Tour is very popular in winter? The city of Leh in Jammu and Kashmir looks beautiful in the winter months with frozen lakes and snow-capped mountains.

Leh is famous for its high altitude and snowfall. Leh remains a popular tourist destination for people around the world. You must visit once to discover the best tourist places in Leh. Leh is a dream destination for many tourists!

Leh is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts and photography. Many beautiful blue lakes, famous monasteries, snow-capped mountains, crystal blue snow, and many unimaginable places whose beauty will mesmerize. The best time to visit Leh is from April to June.

5. North Sikkim – Sikkim tourism.

Sikkim tourist place, North Sikkim is one of the coldest places in the country and a famous and popular tourist destination. The natural beauty of places like Zuko Point, Yumthang Valley, the Lachung Monastery, the alpine forest spread around with waterfalls and lakes make it worth seeing. Sikkim is nestled in the lap of the magical Himalayas and is the second smallest state in the country, but its popularity and beauty will fascinate you with its enchanting charm.

Places to visit in Sikkim – Sikkim places to visit,

Sikkim is nothing less than a paradise located in the northeast part of India! To see the beauty of this magnificent state, one must visit Sikkim once. The snow-capped and sky-piercing Himalayas, and the enchanting wonders of its vibrant culture, are only seen in Sikkim! Sikkim is a beautiful and popular tourist destination resulting in millions of tourists gathering every year.

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6. Srinagar Tourism.

Tourist places, Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir receive heavy snowfall during winter, and the temperature drops to 5 degrees Celsius! Srinagar is one of the coldest places in India. Srinagar, situated on the banks of the Jhelum River and called ‘Heaven on Earth, is the best holiday and honeymoon destination in India.

Srinagar is one of the most beautiful and good places in India. Popular for its Shikara Rides, floating gardens, stable houseboats on Dal Lake, and serene beauty, the city is considered the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir.

Srinagar tourism tour and travel, Srinagar is a city for summer holidays in India and one of the most preferred tourist destinations. Dal Lake, Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, Jhin-ul-Abidin’s Tomb, Jama Masjid, Hazratbal Mosque, and Shankaracharya Hill are the top attractions to visit in Srinagar. Kashmiri dishes rich in unique aromatic spices of Kashmir, Kashmiri shawls, Kashmiri apples, and dry fruits are famous all over the world.

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7. Spiti Valley

Best Places in Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Spiti is another beautiful, and coldest place in India as well as a famous tourist spot. Spiti in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful and beautiful places to visit in India. Situated between India and Tibet, Spiti is rich in Buddhist culture and natural beauty. Its green valleys, emerald lakes are great to see.

A glimpse of the culture of the region and its historical architecture. Visited heavily by tourists in Kullu, Spiti Valley is one of the famous places in Himachal Pradesh. There are many beautiful and famous places to visit in Spiti Valley such as Komik Village, Langja Village, Lahlung Monastery, Tabo Caves, Tabo Monastery, etc. The best time to visit the Spiti Valley is in the summer between May and October as it is heavily snowed and has thick snowfall.

8. Munsiyari – The Little Kashmir.

Located at an elevation of around 2,200 meters in the Pithoragarh district in Uttarakhand, Munsiyari is known as a spectacular trekking destination. In the winter season, the temperature drops to 10 ° C. The snow-capped peaks around this place make a great vacation spot for summer. Munsiyari offers a great glimpse of the natural atmosphere. This natural hill station is about 2298 meters above sea level.

Munsiyari is also known as Little Kashmir. Munsiyari is a paradise for nature lovers and adventurous souls. From here one can see an enchanting view of the Himalayan peak, Panchchuli. The best time to visit Munsiyari is between March to June and September to October. During these months, the temperature is pleasant and beautiful, October is a beautiful month to see the different colors of autumn. The natural beauty and breathtaking view of Munsiyari attract tourists a lot.

Munsiyari Homestay

Homestay programs have started in Munsiyari, where local people rent extra rooms in their homes to the visiting tourists at a very low cost. There are 3 homestays available in Munsiyari for upcoming tourists.

9. Sela Pass in Tawang

Sela Pass, located in the Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh, is at an altitude of 13,700 feet. This Buddhist city connects Tawang Town with Tezpur and Guwahati. In winter, the temperature here can fall to 10 degrees Celsius. Its lakes and surrounding snow-capped peaks make the Sela Pass a very picturesque place to see in Northeast India.

It is a breathtaking place in Arunachal Pradesh and a high altitude mountain pass, you can experience a piece of paradise here on earth. It is a popular tourist attraction and the most beautiful place for snow lovers.

The Sela Pass receives heavy snowfall during winters, and the number of tourists increases at this time. It is open throughout the year to welcome tourists. An interesting feature of Sela Pass is that this place is a very beautiful tourist place located in about 101 lakes nearby.

Sela Pass is one of the most visited places by tourists in Arunachal Pradesh! Being a popular destination to visit Sela, you can visit Sela Lake and have a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains. You can also experience the famous silk route on the way to the pass. November to February is the best time to visit Sela Pass.

10. Kufri Hill Station in Himachal Pradesh.

Kufri is a small and beautiful hill station in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh and it is a very cold place in India. The temperature of the place is 0 to -4 degrees Celsius during winter.

Kufri is one of the most popular and most sought-after vacation destinations among honeymooners traveling to the beautiful city of Himachal Pradesh.

Kufri is one of the most beautiful places in Himachal! The lofty valleys of the small town are filled with refreshment during the warm months, and turn completely white during the winter, offering some of the most beautiful sights.

During the visit to Kufri, one must visit Kufri Fun World, which is one of the highest amusement parks in the world. One of the most popular activities in Kufri, Kufri is also a popular and famous destination for those who enjoy a donkey or mule ride to Mahasu peak.

One should visit Kufri Hill to get rid of the heat falling between April to June, the climate is pleasant during the rainy season, experiencing extreme cold during the winter months, especially October to March.

Which is the Coldest Place in India

1. Dras – love everyone
2. Kargil tourism – Kargil tourist place
3. Hemkund Sahib, Uttarakhand
4. Leh Ladakh Tourism – Lover for Bikers
5. North Sikkim – Sikkim tourism
6. Srinagar Tourism
7. Spiti Valley
8. Munsiyari – The Little Kashmir
9. Sela Pass in Tawang
10. Kufri Hill Station in Himachal Pradesh.

Which is the coldest country in India?

Drass, the only city in the Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir, is the coldest place in India.

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