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Some Hidden Things About Lakshadweep Tourism

Lakshadweep Tourism, Information about 10 famous tourist places of Lakshadweep – Lakshadweep is a beautiful state for the best honeymoon and holiday destination in India, the best and most beautiful holiday in Lakshadweep Island can be enjoyed with family. If you like snorkelling and adventure trips, then definitely visit Lakshadweep.

Lakshadweep, a group of one lakh islands, is famous all over the world for love and romance. You will have a different experience once you reach here with your life partner. Lakshadweep is a beautiful and popular place to spend the initial days after the marriage. New couples prefer to spend their honeymoon on the island of Lakshadweep after marriage. Lakshadweep is a major attraction for honeymooners.

Lakshadweep has beautiful weather and natural beauty – splendid waters, shimmering sands, beautiful beaches, adventure activities, and much more that you can explore in Lakshadweep Island. Lakshadweep is a very famous and popular honeymoon and best holiday destination in India. Once you have visited the top 6 islands of Lakshadweep to spend the first few days of your married life, this trip will be a memorable trip in your life.

Newly married couples from India and abroad come to Lakshadweep for their honeymoon. This place holds special importance for tourists. Lakshadweep is the smallest union territory of India and has the most attractive and uninhabited beaches. The beaches here have tinge blue-green and white sand.

Top 10 Tourist Places in Lakshadweep Islands 

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The atmosphere here is very beautiful and comfortable. Enjoy the ambiance of Lakshadweep with your life partner once in a while for a luxurious and memorable honeymoon. With a group of 36 islands, Lakshadweep is a major tourist destination in the country of India. For romance and love, Lakshadweep has the most romantic islands which are indeed the best honeymoon destinations.

1. Kavaratti Islands – Nice Place To Visit In Lakshadweep Tourism.

Kavaratti Island is one of the most beautiful gems of Lakshadweep, situated at a distance of about 360 km from the Kochi coast. Kavaratti Island is known for its white velvety sand and beautiful landscapes. Kavaratti Island, full of natural beauty, is famous all over India for its beautiful coconut trees and activities in the sea water.

2. Minicoy Island – The main attraction of Lakshadweep.

Minicoy Island is one of the major attractions of Lakshadweep, one of the 36 small islands of Lakshadweep and it is a famous tourist destination. Minicoy Island, also known as Maliku, is located at a distance of about 400 km from the Cochin coast. The coral reefs, attractive white sand, and beautiful waters of the Arabian Sea are worth seeing on this island.

3. Agatti Islands – Famous Tourist Place of Lakshadweep.

Spread over an area of ​​about 8 km, Agatti Island is one of the must-see places in Lakshadweep. This place is very exciting and known for its beauty. Despite its small size as compared to other islands, its clear waters, white sands, and it proves to be a very exciting destination for offbeat lovers.

4. Bangaram Island – Place To See In Lakshadweep Tourism.

Bangaram Island is a good place to visit in Lakshadweep tourism. The island is known for its ancient coral reefs and beaches. Tourists come to Bangaram Island to swim with the beautiful fish and enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

5. Marine Museum – Beautiful Sightseeing of Lakshadweep.

Marine Museum is a famous tourist spot located on Kavaratti Island of Lakshadweep. Marine artifacts are displayed in the Marine Museum. The Marine Museum houses the largest number of species of marine fish and water animals. Marine Museum is an ideal place for tourists who are more interested in marine life and related activities.

6. Kadmat Island – Lakshadweep Tourist Place.

Kadmat Island is a major tourist destination of Lakshadweep, this island attracts tourists. Spread over an area of ​​about 9 km, Kadmat Island offers a breathtaking view of the beautiful white sea beach, sunrise, and sunset. Every year thousands of tourists visit Kadmat Island. Paragliding, scuba diving, and snorkeling are among the most popular activities on Kadmat Island.

7. Amindivi Islands – Nice Place To Visit In Lakshadweep.

Amindivi Island attracts tourists. Amindivi Island located in North Lakshadweep is one of the major tourist destinations of Lakshadweep. Foreign tourists are not allowed to come to Amindivi Island.

8. Andretti Island – Best Place in Lakshadweep Tourism.

Andretti Island is the attraction of Lakshadweep, the beauty and charm of Andretti Island, the largest island of Lakshadweep, is worth seeing. Spending time on the shores of Andretti Island in the evening provides relaxation to the tourists. Many aquatic animals including octopuses can be seen on this island.

9. Kalpeni Island Lakshadweep – Famous Tourist Place of Lakshadweep.

Kalpeni Islands are one of the major places to visit in Lakshadweep. Kalpeni Island is also known as Koifani Island. Many water sports can be enjoyed on Kalpeni Island including reef walking, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, canoeing, and sailing.

10. Lighthouse – Beautiful Sightseeing of Lakshadweep

The famous Light House of Lakshadweep located on Minicoy Island is a famous tourist spot. The lighthouse, situated at a height of about 300 feet, was constructed in 1985. Every tourist visiting Minicoy Island must visit the Light House.

Top 5 Things To Do In Lakshadweep

Enjoy water sports to make the Lakshadweep trip even more exciting

Scuba Diving – For Adventure In Lakshadweep

Yacht Cruise Lakshadweep

Parasailing Lakshadweep

Shopping in Lakshadweep

Top 6 Islands in Lakshadweep to celebrate Best Honeymoon

Shining waters, shimmering sands, beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, adventure activities, and more make Lakshadweep a perfect honeymoon & holiday destination.

Top 6 Famous Honeymoon Destinations in Lakshadweep Island

Agatti Island: for snorkeling

Bangaram Island: For Scuba Diving

Kadmat Island: For Fishing

Kavaratti Island: for coconut mangroves

Kalpeni Island: for mosques and architectural wonders

Minicoy Island: For Enriched Aquatic Life

Is Lakshadweep safe for honeymoon and vacation?

Yes, Lakshadweep is completely safe for tourists and honeymoon couples, you can go for a memorable holiday at this beautiful and popular place with your partner, family, and friend without hesitation.

Which is better for the honeymoon “Lakshadweep or Andaman?

Both Lakshadweep and Andaman are very beautiful and popular places for new couples to have a honeymoon or for a long and relaxing holiday with family and friends. 

Lakshadweep is a favorite among tourists for fewer crowds, white sand beaches, and the rich in nature. Andaman has slightly better connectivity and comfort than Lakshadweep. Both places are a major tour of the country of India, so comparing who is better is a bit difficult.

Best time to visit Lakshadweep?

The islands are open to tourists throughout the year and are ready at all times to welcome their visitors. However, if you are planning to travel within the months of October to April, then this time is considered to be the best time for Lakshadweep.

Is Lakshadweep expensive? – Is Lakshadweep costly?

A trip to Lakshadweep is probably a bit expensive. If you go by the Lakshadweep sea route, then it will take about 30 to 60 thousand rupees per person and if you go by airplane, then it will be about 55 to 75 thousand rupees per person.

Which is better “Lakshadweep or Maldives?

Both Lakshadweep island and the Maldives are the favorite places of tourists and popular tourist destinations of India. The group of 36 islands you get to see in Lakshadweep and the Maldives has 300 islands.

Is a passport required for Lakshadweep?

A passport is not mandatory for Indians to visit Lakshadweep. But to travel to Lakshadweep, valid documents are required such as a voter ID card, Adhar card, driving license, PAN card, etc.

What is the temperature in Lakshadweep?

The temperature of Lakshadweep ranges from about 20 ° C to 35 ° C in summer and around 18 ° C to 30 ° C in winter.

Is alcohol allowed in Lakshadweep?

Liquor is not allowed in Lakshadweep except Bangaram. Lakshadweep India is famous for being the perfect honeymoon and best holiday destination in the country. The locals here do not consume alcohol, so visitors should also respect the sentiments of the local people.

Is Lakshadweep a part of India?

G Lakshadweep India is an integral part of the country, Lakshadweep is a union territory of India. Lakshadweep is famous all over the world for its islands.

What is the difference between Andaman and Lakshadweep Islands?

The Andaman Islands originate from volcanic eruptions, while the Lakshadweep islands originate from coral reefs (skeletons of sea anemones). Andaman is spread across the entire Gulf and Lakshadweep is spread over the entire Arabian Sea.

What is Lakshadweep Island famous for?

Lakshadweep area of ​​35 sq km is the smallest union territory of India. Lakshadweep is very famous and popular among Tourists for its group of islands, beaches, and lush green landscape.

What is the famous food of Lakshadweep?

Lakshadweep is also known for its food in which sambar and rice, avial, fried tuna fish, idli are some of the top dishes.

Why are tourists attracted to the island of Lakshadweep?

There are many things to attract Lakshadweep visitors, including Crystal clear blue water, island pearl fishing, and seafood, etc.

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