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Top attractions in Mobor beach in South Goa India,  Dolphin Trips, Beach shacks, River Cruising, Biking,  Long walk and many more, Beaches in South Goa for holiday | Best Beaches in India for romantic honeymoon places.

Mobor Beach in Goa, One of South Goa’s unusual beaches, Mobor Beach is seen as a hike to the nearby Cavelosim beach, which lies on the southern side of the amazing waterway along the Arabian Sea. This beach is an important place for the dynamic vacationers of Goa, in which you get a different experience in the form of stream skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, beach biking. There is a famous movement on this vibrant seashore. Similarly dolphin spotting, fowl spotting or travel on the waterway can be arranged to see a portion of the district’s external biodiversity.


In Goa Sea Beachs, Mobor Beach is very popular, beautiful and famous for tourists, this beach is visited by many tourists every year and makes their holidays a memorable one. Not only is India trained for Goa Beach Honeymoon Destination.

Two of the most opulent inn networks, the Mobor Beach Casino, are lined with bars, discos and extravagant restaurants cooking for exceptionally luxurious visitors. This beach is often confused with a private beach, as a large aspect of it has been claimed by these inns. Due to this misinterpretation, the sea shore group has diverged to a large extent, making it one of the in-your-face beaches in Goa. This beach offers guests the chance to participate in a portion of the more specialized water exercise, for example, submerged fishing and shellfish fishing.

Mobor beach is named after a village, a small green village with tall trees and many traditional houses. Most of the locals are engaged in fishing or the travel industry.
The Mobor beaches are just palm, Kasurina trees and sand spread. There is soft golden sand on the Mobor beach, which is good for walking barefoot. Mobor beach is the confluence of the Sal River and the Arabian Sea. This beach is visited by very few tourists, which is why Mobor is one of the cleanest beaches in Goa. On the sun beds under the trees on Mobor beach, tourists will see them relaxing with drinks or food.

Top things to do Mobor Beach

Long Walk 

Mobor Beach is the widest and longest sand beach in Goa. You can walk on the sand with your partner here.


Biking is the favorite activity here at Goa’s Mobor Beach. Bikes are available on rent here. You can enjoy bike riding on this beach.

River Cruising 

Many exotic birds and bats can enjoy watching at this beach.

Water sports 

There are a lot of water sports on the Mobor beach such as boats, parasailing, wind surfing and water skiing.


You can also enjoy swimming in Mobor Beach.

Dolphin Trips 

Dolphin Trips can be enjoyed at Mobor Beach. Meanwhile, the dolphins will be seen jumping and playing. You can also swim with the dolphin if you want. The best time to see dolphins is in the morning.

What is Goa’s Mobor beach famous for?

The Mobor beach of South Goa is one of the captivating places, in the meantime you will get to see peace. Mobor Beaches are very popular in Touristo for its beautiful beach shakes, delicious dishes and seafood.

Is Mobor Beach safe?

Mobor Beach is completely safe for tourists, it is a well-known beach in Goa. Avoid any fraud and do not fall into the trap of miscreants. Do not leave women alone during the nights. The place has some accident records of drunk driving, meanwhile enjoying a healthy manner.

What is Mobor beach famous for?

Mobor beach is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in South Goa. Tourists visiting Mobor Beach can enjoy water skiing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, parasailing and many other exciting sports. Get to taste the beautiful beach shakes, delicious dishes and seafood at Mobor Beach

What are the activities of Mobor Beach?

Tourists can enjoy a number of maritime activities including speed boat rides, jet-skis, water skiing, banana bump rides, wind surfing and parasailing on Mobor Beach. Apart from these water sports, tourists can also enjoy biking.

How to reach Mobor Beach?

It is very easy for tourists to visit Mobor Beach, as Mobor Beach is well connected by roads. One can rent a car and drive from Goa International Airport to Mobor Beach. The nearest railway station of Mobor Beach is Madgaon, which is about 1 km from here. Rental bikes are also available every day to provide you a pleasant ride.

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