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Here is a list of 7 famous forts in Goa.

Top 7 Very Famous Forts in Goa that talk about its heritage and grandeur, Goa is probably the most popular holiday destination in India. Thinking about a trip to Goa means beaches, parties and nice tropical weather, but Goa tour package doesn’t just include that, Goa’s diverse landscape also has many hills, waterfalls and forts. There are many such historical forts located in Goa which most of the travelers have forgotten.

Today we will tell you about many wonderful forts of Goa’s rich historical heritage through this article, believe me you will not believe it. These forts, built hundreds of years ago, are mostly built by the Portuguese. Given below is a list of some of the best forts in Goa, which you would not want to miss during your Goa trip.

Sinquerim Fort.

Sinquerim Fort – Famous Forts in Goa, Sinquarium Fort is a major tourist spot in Goa. Situated on the edge of the Sinquarium beach, this fort displays the amazing brilliance of architecture. This fort is situated on the edge of the Sinquarium beach and the attractive views of the beach can be seen from the top of the fort. Sinquarium Fort is known for its breathtaking views of the sunset. This fort is quite popular among couples. If you are planning to visit Goa with your partner or family, then you must include Sinquarium Fort in your itinerary.

Aguada Fort – Fort Aguada

Aguada Fort – Beautiful Forts in Goa, Aguada Fort located in Goa is one of the major tourist places. This fort near Aguada Beach attracts a lot of tourists. The view of Aguada Fort, located at a distance of about 18 km from Panaji, is very beautiful and attractive. The Aguada Fort, which became a center of attraction for tourists, was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century. Famous for its architecture and rich history, Aguada Fort is one of the largest forts in Goa. Aguada Fort is another beautiful and prominent tourist place in Goa for family and couples to visit, which attracts many thousands of couples and tourists every year.

Mormugao Fort.

Mormugao Fort – Top Forts in Goa, Mormugao Fort is one of the most favorite romantic places in Goa. Many Portuguese forts are seen near this fort situated at the mouth of the river Juri. If you are interested to know more about Goa’s past then this is definitely a good place to visit. The construction of this fort was an important place to keep an eye on Portuguese ships at that time. This famous fort of Goa has a lot of history attached to it.

Chapora Fort.

famous forts in Goa – Images Source – Pixabay

Chapora Fort. – Famous Forts in Goa, Located about 10 km from Mapusa, Chopra Fort is one of the most famous forts in Goa. Chapora Fort has become a famous tourist destination of Goa ever since the Bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai was shot at this fort.

Ever since the famous blockbuster movie – Dil Chahta Hai was shot here, Chapora Fort has become a famous landmark in Goa. This fort is very popular to visit with couples and families. A huge crowd of tourists gather at Chopra Fort to witness the mesmerizing views and amazing views of the sunset.

Fort Tiracol – Terekhol Fort.

Fort Tiracol is one of the most ancient and preserved forts of Goa. The name of this fort is derived from the Tiracol River. Part of this fort has been converted into a hotel. This fort remains the center of attraction for honeymooners and couples. Couples visit this place to spend quality time in peace with their partner and enjoy a serene calmness.

Corjuem Fort – Famous Forts in Goa

Corjuem Fort is a famous tourist spot located in North Goa. The fort was built by the Maratha rulers in the early 18th century to strengthen their defense base. Corjuem is a famous fort in Goa that attracts visitors from all over the world. The Corjuem Fort of Goa is a protected monument. This place can be the most favorite place for people interested in knowing history and for those who like historical heritage.

Reis Magos Fort – Wonderful Forts of Goa

Rees Magos Fort is known for being one of the oldest forts in Goa. This historic fort was built around 1551 and is still almost completely safe and intact. The fort is not as big in size as you might have seen in other forts, yet today this fort is a cultural center and a popular tourist attraction among places to visit near Goa. This fort is definitely worth including in your Goa plan.

Things To Do In Goa For Couples

What else can one do while traveling to Goa? There is a lot to do in Goa if you are visiting with your partner


There can be no other beautiful place for water sports than Goa. Water sports in Goa are famous all over India. These water sports have always attracted tourists and adventure seekers. Goa is famous all over the world for its many water sports activities like scuba diving, jet ski, parasailing, kayaking, ringo riding. You can enjoy by participating in these water sports with your girlfriend and family and make your Goa trip more exciting and memorable.

Mandovi River Sunset Cruise

Mandovi River is a popular sunset point in Goa, which is the most favorite place for visiting tourists. On your Goa trip with your life partner or girlfriend, do not miss to see the beautiful views of the sunset from the Mandovi river. You can spend some memorable time while roaming with your lover and family on the banks of the river.

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