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Candolim Beach is the Paradise of South Goa

Candolim Beach Goa – Best Beaches in Goa

Candolim Beach in South Goa INDIA, Facts, Nightlife, Huts & Photo’s

The beaches of Goa are spread from North Goa to South Goa. For more secluded options with tourists and party lovers who are ready to welcome you in every season with its serene surroundings. These sandy sand beaches are the perfect place for a dream-like vacation. Relax at this Goa beach and discover some of the best beaches from north to south Goa. Goa is probably the most popular beach in India and one of them is Candolim Beach.

Candolim Beach is a famous beach in India located in North Goa. It is a famous tourist destination of Goa. It is less crowded and very quiet beach as compared to other beaches of Goa. One of the longest beaches in the state of Goa, Candolim Beach is located at a distance of about 15 kilometers from Panjim, the capital of Goa. In the meantime, you get to see a lot of peace.
Candolim Beach Filled with shops and restaurants, Candolim Beach in Goa is one of the most beautiful and best places to visit. It is the most favorite beach for foreign tourists. Millions of foreign tourists visit this beach every year, as this beach is less crowded than other beaches. Goa’s Candolim Beach is known for its nightlife and all-out parties. These are the two things that attract foreign tourists a lot to this beach.
This beach is the most visited beach in Goa. On this beach you can enjoy parasailing, rugged banana rides, snorkeling, boat rides, jet-skiing and even scuba diving. Goa beaches are very popular in India for its beauty, nightlife, adventure waterfalls. Most of the tourists to Goa come from abroad.

Activities Candolim Beach in Goa 


Bumpy banana ride: 


Boat Ride: 

Jet Ski Ride: 

Aguada Fort

Calangute Beach

Sinquerim Fort

Mandovi River

Chapel of St. Lawrence Church 

How to reach Candolim Beach?

How do I reach Candolim Beach?, Candolim Beach is about 15 km from Panaji, the capital of Goa, and it takes about 45–50 minutes to reach Candolim Beach from Panaji. Bus, car and taxi can be reached from Panaji to Candolim Beach, time takes around 45-50 minutes.

How to reach Candolim Beach by Flight?

The closest to Candolim Beach is Dabolim Airport or Goa Airport. The distance of Candolim Beach from this airport is about 37 kilometers. Candolim Beach can be reached by local means from the airport.

How to reach Candolim Beach by Train?

The closest railway station to Candolim Beach is Thivim. The distance from this station to Candolim Beach is approximately 21 kms. 

Best time to visit Candolim Beach

This beautiful beach can be visited at any time, this enchanting beach is always ready to welcome your visitors. But the month between April and November is considered the best time to visit this beach.

Is Candolim Beach good?

Candolim beaches are a beautiful and quiet tourist destination. One must visit this beach once to get a panoramic view of sunset and sunrise. This is a great place to watch dolphins up close. Candolim beach is an ideal place for various water sports activities.

Is Candolim in North or South Goa?

Candolim Beach is a beautiful, serene and popular tourist destination located in North Goa.

Is it safe to go to Candolim Beach?

Yes, Candolim Beach is absolutely safe for tourists. Every year lakhs of tourists come to this beach to spend a wonderful holiday.

Is Candolim Beach good?

There is no doubt that Candolim Beach is one of the best beaches in Goa. Candolim beaches are a beautiful place for peace and relaxation.

Which beach is the better Calangute or Candolim?

Candolim Beach is colder, cleaner and less crowded than Calangute. While Calangute beach is very busy and attracts a lot of domestic tourists. If you like the hustle and bustle then visit Calangute Beach and Calangut Beach is better if you prefer a quieter away from the crowds.

Are Indians allowed on Candolim Beach, Goa?

Yes, all the beaches of Goa as well as Candolim beach, Indians are allowed to go without any hindrance, why can we stop us in our country?. However, sometimes local goons do not allow Indians to visit certain beaches as they feel that Indians may misbehave with foreign guests. Legally, the citizens of India can not stop anyone from visiting any beach, so without worry, any Indian can roam on any beach.

Travelers’ tip before visiting Candolim Beach

If you are going to visit Candolim Beach, do not keep much money with you. Use debit card and credit card as much as possible. Do not go out wearing gold or diamond jewellery, as the incidents of robbery can happen. This is one such beach in Goa, where people are often seen wearing less clothes, but you should wear what you like and feel comfortable. Keep distance from people around the middle whom you do not even know. It will be good and safe if you stay with your group or guide.

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