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5 Best Places to Visit in Kausani for Couples

Top 5 Best Places to visit in Kausani for Honeymoon, India is a country where marriages take place only in 12 months of the year. But in North India, marriages are more during the winter season. The winter season has always been the perfect time for weddings.

After the weddings are over, the new couples plan to go on a honeymoon, and currently couples prefer to travel abroad rather than explore the offbeat places of India, they feel that abroad is the best place for a honeymoon. Perfect place.

Although it is not so, there are some beautiful and prominent places in India which are known for honeymoon and which you can explore and go on a memorable honeymoon with your partner. One of these places is Kausani. Let us know everything about this beautiful place which is also known as Switzerland of India.

Kausani is a famous hill station located in the Bageshwar district in Uttarakhand, India. This hill station is known for its greenery, forest of deodar trees, attractive peaks of the Himalayas. Kausani tourist place is one of the major tourist places in Uttarakhand. Kausani Hill Station is a perfect place for nature lovers, vacation makers, and honeymooners.

India’s most beautiful hill station is Kausani, where millions of new couples come every year to celebrate their honeymoon. You can see the beauty of the Himalayas from Kausani, situated on the Pingnath peak. The view of the snow-capped Nanda Devi Mountain is visible from this peak. Situated between the Kosi and Gomti rivers, Kausani is known as the Switzerland of India.

5 Best Places To Visit In Kausani In 2022 That Make It The Perfect Honeymoon.

explore the 10 best romantic places in Kausani for 2022 with your family and friends. 10 Best Places To Visit In Kausani, Places To Visit In Kausani, Top Attractions In Kausani,

Kausani Tea Estate – Famous Places to Visit in Kausani

Kausani Tea Estate is a paradise for nature and tea lovers. Spread over 200 hectares, this tea garden is located 5 km away from the main city. By coming to this beautiful place of Kausani, tourists feel themselves to be very close to nature.

Sumitranandan Pant Museum – Best places to visit in Kausani

Dedicated to the famous Hindi poet Shri Sumitranandan Pant Ji born in Kausani, this museum is an artistic one. His poems, literary and awards are kept in this museum. Every year lakhs of tourists visit Kausani to see this famous historical museum.

Someshwar Valley – Popular Tourist Places In Kausani

Just 10 km away from Kausani, Someshwar Ghati is a major tourist place in Kausani. It is a famous tourist destination situated on the banks of the Kosi and Sai rivers. The breathtaking views of terraced rice fields and deodar-covered mountains captivate the visitors. Camping and cycling can be enjoyed in this valley.

  Top Places to Visit in Kausani in Winter

Rudradhari Falls and Caves –

Rudradhari Falls and Caves, Places to Visit in Kausani, Surrounded by paddy fields and deodar forests and just 12 km from Kausani, Rudradhari Falls is a major tourist destination. This place is known for trekking. This place is no less than a paradise for history lovers. Near this waterfall, there is a temple of Someshwar dedicated to Lord Shiva, any tourist who visits Kausani definitely visits this famous temple.

Baijnath Temple – Major Attraction of Kausani

Baijnath Temple, situated at a distance of about 20 km from Kausani, is one of the major tourist places of Kausani. Known for ancient temples and shrines, Baijnath Temple was built in the 12th century

How do I reach Kausani?

Kausani Hill Station located in Uttarakhand is a famous tourist spot. You can reach this place by train and flight.

How to reach Kausani by train?

Kathgodam Railway Station situated at 132 km is the nearest railway station to Kausani. It is connected to major railway stations in India.

How to reach Kausani by flight?

Pantnagar Airport situated at 162 km is the nearest airport to Kausani. Kausani Hill Station can be reached by taxi from this airport.

Best time to visit Kausani?

tell me the best time to visit Kausani? Due to the pleasant climate, April to June, and due to the winter season October to February is considered the best time to visit Kausani Hill Station.

What is famous in Kausani?

Kausani is a special tourist and sightseeing place in Uttarakhand. There are many places of interest around Kausani which are very much liked by the visiting tourists. Kausani Hill Station is famous all over India for honeymoons.

Is Kausani worth visiting?

Surrounded by lush greenery and attractive attractions, Kausani Hill Station is a major tourist and honeymoon place in Uttarakhand. This hill station is worth visiting.

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