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Top 10 Amazing Best Places to Visit in Auli

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Auli – Situated at an altitude of about 3000 feet above sea level, Auli is one of the popular tourist attractions of Uttarakhand. This popular ski resort hosted the first South Asian Winter Olympics in 2011. Auli offers a peaceful, conifer-enclosed slope with views of the splendid Himalayan mountains for visitors to explore. There is an incredible number of activities available in Auli that you won’t find the best of the best.

Auli is the best tourist destination in Uttarakhand, if you search best tourist places in India then there is no better tourist place than Auli. the Auli tour and trip are within budget. Auli is also called Mini Switzerland of India, every year millions of tourists visit Uttarakhand’s paradise Auli to enjoy snowfall in winter.

In this article we will know, how to visit and reach Auli, the famous places to visit in Auli, the best time to visit Auli, how many days to spend in Auli, things to do in Auli, what adventure activities in Auli, skiing in Auli.

Auli tourism, Auli is located in Chamoli district in the Himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand, India. It is situated at an elevation of about 2,800 meters (9,200 ft) above sea level. It is home to the mountain ranges of Nanda Devi, Mana Parbat, and Kamat Kamet. Auli hill stations are the best place for mountain lovers. Auli is an ideal place to visit. Auli was developed as a tourist destination. It is surrounded by coniferous and oak forests and offers panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks.

Auli tourist places, Auli is the most popular tourist destination in India during the winter season. It is basically an important ski resort in the Himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand, India. Tourists come widely from home and abroad to visit Auli and see its beauty.

Auli tour guide, Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Limited is a state government agency that looks after this resort. The Uttarakhand Tourism Department organizes winter sports competitions in Auli to encourage skiing in India. River rafting, touring and skiing trekking are the most preferred sports in Auli. Apart from skiing, you can trek in the hills of Garhwal Himalaya can enjoy it. The enchanting views of the snow-capped mountains are the most unique.

Auli is a popular hill station for tourists. Auli is the most preferred place for its hill stations and tourists. Auli, dotted with apple orchards, old oak, and cedar trees, lacks in natural beauty. Auli is a popular tourist destination in India due to its shining slopes and clean environmentAuli is a popular hill town in India, it is popular and famous all over India.

There are several ski resorts located here among the Himalayan chain. Several religious places also exist around Auli. A small Hindu temple associated with the Hindu epic Ramayana also exists. In Auli, you can visit Gurso Bugyal, Tapovan, Chenab Lake, Nanda Devi National Park, Joshimath, Trishul Shikhar, Chatrakund, an artificial lake, and hot spring.

Best places to visit in Auli

A ski resort is known as Auli in the Chamoli district in the Himalayan mountains of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Paradise resides in this place of Uttarakhand, Auli is situated on the way to the Hindu pilgrimage site of Badrinath. It is surrounded by coniferous and oak forests. The Uttarakhand Tourism Department organizes winter sports competitions in Auli to encourage skiing in India.

Top Places to Visit in Auli Uttarakhand

Auli is the coldest place in Uttarakhand, Auli is a famous place for its ski resort and beauty.

Top 10 Beautifull and Amazing places to visit in Auli

What are the best and most famous places to visit in Auli, Auli, a Himalayan ski resort in northern India, and the picturesque hill station, Auli goes by many names? Surrounded by oak trees and pine forests, Auli has many more places that will wake you up!

10 Major Tourist Places of Auli.

The grandeur, beauty, and thrill of Auli present it as a paradise for travelers. So what are you waiting for? Make your 2021 even more memorable and impressive by visiting this serene and beautiful place. It is very easy to reach Auli. The nearest airport is Dehradun and from there you take about 5 hours by road to Auli.

1. Cable Car Ride – Auli Ropeway

The cable car ride is one of the most exciting things to do in Auli. The length of the cable car is 3.96 km, it consists of 10 towers and 2 cable cars. The cable car ride starts from Joshimath and ends at Auli. One can get a panoramic view of the mountains during the ropeway ride.

2. Skiing in Auli

Situated at an altitude of about 2-3 thousand meters above sea level and covered with snow, Auli is a hill station. A very beautiful view of Mount Nanda Devikem, Mana Parvat, Dunagiri, Bethartoli, Neelkanth, Hari Parvat, Ghori Parvat, and Nar Parvat is visible from Auli Hill. Auli Hills is the most ideal place for skiing. The snow-clad slopes of Auli are considered one of the best skiing grounds in the world.

3. Nanda Devi Hindu Temple

Nanda Devi is the highest mountain in India situated at an altitude of about 7,817 meters. Nanda Devi Hindu Temple situated on the summit of this mountain has become a part of UNESCO heritage. The name of the peak is derived to bless the goddess herself.

4. Auli artificial lake

Auli Artificial Lake was created by the government for artificial snow on the ski slopes. The water of this lake is said to be fed into snow guns placed along the ski slopes.

5. Trekking in Auli

Images Source – Pixabay

There are some great slopes for tourists visiting Auli where trekking can be enjoyed. The peaks ranging from about 2500 to 3000 meters are the best trekking routes for trekking in Auli. Trekking can be enjoyed from Auli to the Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Kamet, Man Parvat, Dunagiri, and Joshimath.

6. China Lake – Best Place to Visit in Auli

You have to climb a very high climb to see Chenab Lake. If you can climb uphill, then definitely visit this place, because the chance to see the panoramic view here is not available again and again.

Chenab Lake Trek is a lesser-known and uninterrupted trekking trail in the Garhwal Himalayas. This trip lets you explore the lush greenery and beautiful Chenab Lake in an uninterrupted camping experience without overcrowding. From Joshimath Uttarakhand, the journey covers a part of the Garhwal Mountains in the Himalayas and extends for 4,500 m.

7. Rudraprayag

Rudraprayag is the meeting point of the Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers. Rudraprayag remains a busy point due to its proximity to Badrinath and Kedarnath temples. There are many Hindu temples located nearby such as Rudranath Temple, Chamunda Devi Temple, and many others where you must visit.

Surrounded by the magnificent rivers Mandakini and Alaknanda at Rudraprayag convergence represent the holy abode of Lord Shiva. It is a Panch Prayang in the Alaknanda River. The Alaknanda then proceeds towards Devprayag and joins the Bhagiri River for the Ganges. 

Rudraprayag is a district of the province. The famous temple Sri Kedarnath Nagrisu is situated in the southeast of Madamshiaheshwar and Srinagar in the east. This holy Mandakini was born in Kedarnath, the main river of the district. Local people believe that it is here that Shiva appeared before Narada.

8. Narasimha Temple

Narasimha Temple located in the lower market of Joshimath is a famous tourist spot of Auli. In this temple, the deity Narasimha is worshiped in the form of half lion and half moon. According to the legends of Narasimha temple, the temple was founded by the Pandavas.

Narsingh Temple is a famous spiritual tourist place to visit in Auli. Some of the popular festivals like Narasimha Jayanti and Holi are celebrated with great pomp in the Narasimha temple. The temple is closed due to landslides in the monsoon, so the blessings of Lord Narasimha can be taken only in summer or winter.

9. Joshimath

Located at an altitude of about 6000 feet above sea level, Joshimath is a major pilgrimage center among Hindus. Joshimath hosts many temples. Among all the temples in Joshimath, Narsingh Temple is the most popular. Joshimath is the resting place of the pilgrims going to Badrinath.

Joshimath is such a beautiful city in the plains of Auli, where if you stay for a few days, you will not lose sight of its charm. This city of Uttarakhand is no less than a dream home. Located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, Joshimath is surrounded by snow-capped mountains on all sides. Joshimath is home to many beautiful places, and people come here to see its immaculate beauty in the form of waterfalls, temples, and treks.

10. Chattrakund

If you want to see the beautiful view of nature, then you must visit Chhatrakund. Chhatrakund is a shimmering lake that is a beautiful place to visit in Auli. On the banks of this lake, you can see the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset in the winter morning. The best time to visit this small lake surrounded by deodar trees is in the morning and evening. This scenic spot is successful in attracting tourists further.

There are some things you need to know before going to Auli Hill Station.

What is the best time to visit Auli?

Auli is a major hill station in Uttarakhand and can be visited at any time of the year. The best time to visit Auli is from November to March as the main attraction in Auli is snow skiing.

Where is Auli Hill Station?

Auli Hill Station is a famous tourist destination, it is located in the state of Uttarakhand, India. This hill station is located at an altitude of 9,300 feet above sea level.

What is famous in Auli?

The Auli hill station, rich in natural and cultural features, has a lot to offer to tourists, some of the top attractions in Auli are listed below.

The ropeway from Joshimath to Auli. Gorson Bugyal. Nanda Devi National Park.Trident peak. Vr Badri Temple. Chenab Lake Tapovan Hot Springs.

Which is better, Auli or Manali?

Auli and Manali are the major hill stations in the state of Uttarakhand, both hill stations are famous for their beauty, locality, and beauty. Auli is popular for adventure sports and snow skiing, and Manali is quite popular for the serene environment, skiing, and water sports. Both Auli and Manali are nice, beautiful, and beautiful places, it will be a bit difficult to compare.

How many days are enough for Auli?

Auli Hill Station is a famous tourist destination, Auli requires a minimum of 3 to 4 days to fully see and roam.

Is Auli good for their honeymoon?

Auli Hill Station is an ideal place for a newly married couple to have their honeymoon. There are many exciting places to visit new couples in Auli where both can spend some time.

Does Auli have snow?

Yes, Auli experiences snowfall, especially during the winter season, which is enjoyed by tourists. Shimla, Kullu, and Manali are also favorite tourist destinations for snowfall.

Is Auli worth visiting?

Auli is a major tourist destination and an excellent and beautiful place to visit, especially in winter.

What can we do in Auli?

Auli Hill Station is a popular tourist destination in Uttarakhand, there are many things to do in Auli that you can enjoy during your Auli trip. Some of the major and attractive things to be done or done in Auli are listed below.

Skiing, camping, ropeway rides, trekking, visiting Nanda Devi National Park, Joshimath, Trishul Peak, and more.

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