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Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Goa 2022

Plan A Honeymoon In Goa In 2022 And Ride The Mystic

Top 10 Romantic Places In Goa For Best Honeymoon.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Goa India, Beaches, sunsets, and crazy nights laid-backness Goa Carnival. Goa seafood and more, Goa is one of the best honeymoon places in India. For newly married couples, 

Goa is one of the best places for a honeymoon. After coming here, you feel like living here for a lifetime and do not feel like going here. 

Goa is very famous in the top and best place for honeymoon in India. And are among the top 10 honeymoon locations. Goa is known for romantic, a good option for traveling with a wife.

Best Beaches in North Goa for Perfect Honeymoon

Goa is an eclectic mix of Portuguese and Indian cultures. Goa is the smallest state in India located in the Konkan region and unlike any other state, Goa is different from any other beach destination in India. Goa is known for its festivals of sun, sea, sand, seafood, spirituality, and trance.

Goa’s coastline is also known for foreign tourists. There are tourists from different countries coming to visit here. Each corner of this state has a different personality and caters to all types of travelers or tourists who visit its beaches. 

Let’s go on From the boldest Baiga to the peaceful Arambol, from the vibrant Anjuna to the Asgavas, there is something for newlyweds in Goa.

Goa’s coastline is open 24×7 to tourists, one of only a few destinations that attract international tourists to Goa’s laid-backness (sausage) as they do Indians, or even more.

Best Beaches in South Goa for Perfect Honeymoon

Best Beaches in North Goa for Perfect Honeymoon

Goa is very tourist-friendly and many festivals are celebrated here throughout the year, the most famous festival of Goa is the New Year and Goa Carnival. Goa’s seafood is very excellent. 

Goa has one of the best nightlife in India, with fashionable bars, beach shakes, elegant cafes, and numerous clubs and discotheques. Liquor prices in the state are very low compared to other states.

Some tourists remain confused between North Goa and South Goa, the state of Goa is divided into North Goa and South Goa. North Goa is famous for its nightlife hub, beach, flea market, while South Goa is famous for its luxurious resort and laid-back beach vibes.

Panjim, the capital city located in the center, overlooks the tranquil Mandovi River where Goa’s famous floating casinos are docked. The center is well connected with an international airport and roads and trains running from north to south of Goa.

Goa has endless beaches, with a coastline of over 100 kilometers. While Baga and Calangute are more popular among the Indian family crowd, Anjuna and Arambol attract a lot of foreign tourists. The beaches in South Goa are relatively less explored, but some of them such as Agonda and Palolem are more beautiful.

Goa has a lot to offer for honeymooners for the new couple. Beautifully built centuries-old cathedrals, old Portuguese-style buildings, beautiful sunrise and sunset on the beach, candlelight dining with wine in a coastal shack, and lively nightlife and luxuries. See how you can make your honeymoon in Goa a pleasant and sensual affair with the state of Goa at the end of your honeymoon.

Ideal Honeymoon Duration

6 nights / 7 days for a nice honeymoon

Best Time to Visit in Goa for Honeymoon?

January to September is the best time to visit Goa.

How to reach Goa?

By Plane: 

Dabolim Airport is only 29 km from the state capital Panjim and is well connected to Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Cochin, and Bangalore.

Best Beaches in South Goa for Perfect Honeymoon

Best Beaches in North Goa for Perfect Honeymoon

by Rail:

Goa has two major railheads, one at Madgaon and the other at Vasco de Gama, which is well connected by trains across the country.

by the road

You can easily reach Goa by road from Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. There are also regular bus services to Goa from every city so that Goa can be reached easily.

Is Goa good for Honeymoon?

When your life partner is with you, there can be no better place for a romantic honeymoon and romance than Goa. Every year, many newly married couples come to Goa for a honeymoon on the beach.

Which part of Goa is best for single people?

Goa India is a major tourist destination of the country! Goa has some popular places for virgins such as Vagator Beach, Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, and Baga Beach, Major locations are. If you want natural beauty and peace, South Goa is one of the best secluded and pristine beaches known for its serene atmosphere.

Is Goa expensive?

No! Goa is slightly more expensive than the rest of India, but it is comparatively reasonable. Goa is famous for its popular and beautiful beaches.

Which month is best for Goa travel?

The best time to visit Goa is from November to February! Because the weather in Goa is very pleasant at this time and the temperature is between 21 C and 28. C, this pleasant season is the perfect time to visit the beaches of Goa.

Is Goa safe at night?

Goa is a major tourist destination and is also safe for solo travelers at night. But if your luck is bad, you can face difficulty anywhere in the world! Goa is no exception to this belief. It is better to always be safe, do not leave at night, if you go somewhere, then travel in groups.

What can couples do in Goa?

In Goa, especially the newly added beaches go with their life partners, Have fun with the dolphins, enjoy a private party on Butterfly Island, You can enjoy a cruise ride on the Chapora River, enjoy a bicycle tour.

Is it safe to go to Goa with a girlfriend?

Traveling to Goa with a girlfriend and your life partner is absolutely safe. On the beach of Goa, you should have good fun with your girlfriend or a life partner.

Is there a red light area in Goa?

Goa is known as a good holiday destination! Baina is a famous red light area of ​​Goa! It is known for prostitution.

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