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Baga Beach Goa | Main Tourist Attraction in Gao.

Baga Beach – What to Know Before You Going

Goa’s beautiful and popular Baga Beach – 2021, what to know before going? Baga Beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in North Goa! Baga Beach is located close to Calangute Beach, which is about 30 kilometers from Panjim. Baga Beach is the best beach in Goa and this beach provides the best view of the city. It is an ideal place for the new couple.

When we talk about Beaches, of course, Baga Beach in North Goa is one of the very famous and busy Beaches. For those who like Beaches, this beach is great for water sports, parasailing, beachside, bars, clubs, and great dining restaurants – you’ll find it all there!

Baga Beach is an ideal place to witness Goa’s dazzling nightlife, with signature venues such as Brito, Tito, and Membos situated in the vicinity. Baga Beach is one of the most visited beaches! 

Baga Beach offers a huge range of water sports. Baga Beach is famous for its designer stores as well as its street-side markets.

Tattoo parlors, tarot shops, palmistry shops, spas, sun decks, and more will be found on this beach. If you are a beach lover then you must visit Baga Beach once.

Baga Beach of Goa is counted among the best beaches of the state of Goa. Here is an apt place and opportunity to relive some good moments and be serious about yourself. Spend some time with your partner at this splendid beach in the picturesque state of Goa. White waves and winds play with the palm trees, every year lakhs of tourists visit this beautiful beach to see the beautiful views.

What is Baga Beach famous for?

Baga Beach is famous for water sports, beach shakes, rows of fishing boats, parasailing, banana rides, and dolphin cruises.

Which station is near Baga Beach Goa?

The nearest railway station to Baga Beach is Thivim Station! Baga is about 19 km from the beach.

Which is better Baga Beach or Anjuna Beach?

Both Baga Beach and Anjuna Beach are the pride of Goa! Anjuna beach is better than Baga and Calangute beach in terms of crowds, water sports, beach sides, and markets.

Some of the top places to visit around Baga Beach?

Apart from Baga Beach, there are some beautiful places around it that you can visit. Casa de Retiros near Baga Beach, Lady of Petite Portuguese Church, Aguada Fort, Chapora, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is also some of the major tourist places located near Baga Beach. The places to visit around Baga Beach are Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, Shri Shanta Durga Temple, which can be visited at these major places during your trip to Baga Beach.

Baga Beach Water Sports

There is no better place than Baga Beach for water sports lovers and adventure sports enthusiasts. Water sports activities in Baga Beach are very much liked by tourists. 
If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Baga Beach, banana boat rides, bumper boats, water scooters, jet skis, bodyboarding, single and double kayaking, paddleboarding, knockboarding, speed boat rides, surfboard lessons, wakeboarding dolphin cruises, And can choose to play fun like parasailing. 
You can choose a duration of 10 minutes to one hour in any of these activities. The Blue Whale Water Park, Monsoon Fun Park, and Snowpark near Baga Beach are also amusement parks for children, where young children can enjoy it.

How to reach Baga Beach? – How do I reach Baga Beach

To go to Baga Beach, a tourist destination in Goa, you will easily reach Baga Beach in Goa via flight, train, and your own private means.

How to reach Baga Beach by train?

The nearest railway station is Thivim. The distance of Baga Beach from this railway station is approximately 19 km. Other nearest railway stations are Karmali (about 26 km) and Margao (about 49 km).

How to reach Baga Beach by flight?

The nearest airport is Dabolim Airport or Goa Airport, the distance of Baga Beach from this airport is about 41 kilometers. From the airport, you will reach Baga Beach via local means running here.

Best time to visit Baga Beach?

You can visit Baga Beach at any time of the year but the best time to visit Baga Beach is from November to February.

Top Things to Do in Baga Beach

Enjoy the Nightlife of Baga Beach
Cafe Mambos – Enjoy music and outlet discos.
Enjoy the party at Tito Club.
Enjoy water sports at Baga Beach.
Enjoy at Monsoon Fun Park for Kids
Taste the food at the shacks and restaurants near Baga Beach.
Shopping and market visits at Baga Beach.

Entry fee for visiting Baga Beach?

There is no entry fee to visit Baga Beach in Goa.

Some top tourist tips for the traveler in Baga Beach?

  • Baga Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa.
  • Baga Beach is a slightly crowded area. Therefore, pay more attention to your children.
  • Avoid eating local food, go for food in quality and good hotels.
  • If you are visiting Baga Beach with your family, then do not stay at the beach for long at night.
  • It is a great idea to take the help of a tour guide and take them along to visit Baga Beach.
  • Do not socialize too much with the local people if it is not necessary.
  • Take a taxi or cab to go back to your hotel.
  • Stayed only in good and cheap hotels.

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